*Lunch Volunteers*

Lunch Volunteers

One of our most urgent volunteer needs is for lunch duty help. These are year-round spots that are VERY IMPORTANT and NECESSARY so that teachers get a chance to recharge their batteries by taking their own lunch break, and it also allows other staff members that would be needed in the lunch room to supervise other areas of campus where students might be.

You can sign up to monitor the commons for lunch at this Sign-Up Genius link or by contacting Gina Mehmert at gmehmert@gmail.com or 520-425-0256.

Witness first-hand what goes on during a middle school lunch period.  Volunteer to help supervise this period once a month, once a week or on whatever schedule works for you.   Duty is relatively light–helping staff members supervise students while they eat and socialize.   Volunteers need very few skills other than a desire to interact with middle schoolers and gently guide their behavior during this unstructured period.  If you’ve ever wanted to be a “fly on the wall” at your child’s school, this is a great way to do that. Contact our lunch volunteer coordinator to sign up. This year’s lunch schedule:

Regular Days: 

First lunch:  11:17am to 11:42am
Second lunch:  12:13am to 12:38pm

Late Start Wednesdays:

First lunch:  12:11am to 12:36pm
Second lunch:  12:49pm to 1:14pm

Sign up here 

For more information, contact Gina Mehmert at gmehmert@gmail.com or 520-425-0256.