Panther Pride (Direct Donations)

Orange Grove Logo with panther and 100% participation for 100% of the students.

100% Panther Pride

Fundraising Campaign

Dear Orange Grove Family,

As parents, our children’s education is one of our highest priorities.  We are fortunate our children attend Orange Grove because of its high academic standards and the educational enrichment programs that cannot be found in other schools.  Although Orange Grove is a public school funded through our state taxes, educational funding in the state of Arizona is insufficient to finance many of the enrichment programs and materials we desire in order to better prepare our children for the competitive global workplace.   That is where our Family Faculty Organization (FFO) steps in to help.

Through the generosity of OGMS parents, the FFO has been able to provide students and teachers with learning opportunities and resources to ensure that OGMS remains a top-notch educational institution competitive with the high-priced private & charter schools in the area. This year we hope to bring back the dynamic Not My Kid Presentations to support parent education and begin funding band and choir shirts with your generous donations.

We rely on your continued commitment to contribute to the 100% Panther Pride direct giving campaign to provide these important resources to our children.  In the past, you might have experienced direct donation suggestions from other schools in the amounts of $50 to $100 per student or family.  In our 100% Panther Pride Campaign, we are instead focusing on 100% Participation.  We value all contributions, whether they are $5 or $500, and will use the donations to continue to enrich your child’s excelling education at OGMS.

You can make a donation by completing the form at the bottom of this letter and returning it to the front office with a check made out to Orange Grove Middle School FFO. Alternatively, you can donate online at SquareUp.

On behalf of the FFO, the staff and the students, we truly appreciate any amount that you can contribute.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Blythe Edmondson, Direct Donations Chair

Please return this form to the front office or mail to OGMS:

1911 E. Orange Grove, Tucson, AZ  85718

Family Name:_____________________________________________________________________

Email (print clearly):_____________________________________________Grade(s):___________


Phone:  ___________________________ Student Name(s):________________________________

_______Cash/ Check enclosed (made out to “OGMS FFO”)

_______I charged my donation through In-Touch (please return form with above info filled out)

________Please Email My Receipt                                              ________Please Mail My Receipt

If you are employed by a company that offers a matching gift program,

 please complete their paperwork to double your donation!   THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

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