Panther Pride (Direct Donations)

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100% Panther Pride

Fundraising Campaign


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Dear Orange Grove Family,

As parents, our children’s education is one of our highest priorities. We are fortunate our children attend Orange Grove because of its high academic standards and the educational enrichment programs that cannot be found in other schools. Although Orange Grove is a public school funded through our state taxes, educational funding in the state of Arizona is insufficient to finance many of the enrichment programs and materials we desire in order to better prepare our children for the competitive global workplace. That is where our Family Faculty Organization (FFO) steps in to help.

Through the generosity of OGMS parents, the FFO has been able to provide students and teachers with learning opportunities and resources to ensure that OGMS remains a top-notch educational institution competitive with the high-priced private & charter schools in the area.

Last year, the FFO enhanced OGMS by subsidizing the following:

  • Provide teachers with $250 reimbursement for classroom supplies throughout the school year ($7000).
  • Professional development opportunities for educators-retreat, critical thinking conference, educational books for teachers which translate into enhanced instruction for your student during the school year ($3250).
  • IXL Math Licenses for augmenting student learning ($1260).
  • Monies for teacher/staff “grants” for additional desired items/materials ($2,000).
  • Purchase materials for 8th grade Legacy tile mural projects installed around the campus ($1000).
  • Recurring campus “beautification,” i.e. flower beds, rail painting, BeKind mural ($1000).
  • Extra financial support for band ($750) art ($600) and music ($500) programs.
  • Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports program funding for students ($1000).
  • Principal discretionary to help with staff morale and site needs ($4000).
  • Incoming 6th grader support to help with transition from Sunrise and Manzanita ($600).
  • Competition/Geography Bee fees paid that provided all students to compete in a school-wide contest.
  • Service Learning opportunities fostered through the Student Action Committee.
  • Materials bought to further allow the Panther Den to flourish with peer and adult tutors during the lunch periods.
  • Staff water coolers ($2500).
  • Online subscription of Actively Learn for 8th grade social studies students for reading support.
  • Lunches with counselors to support new students getting acquainted, and peer tutors being thanked.
  • Bus Driver appreciation gifts ($295).

We rely on your continued commitment to contribute to provide these important resources to our children.

You might have experienced direct donation suggestions from other schools in of $50 to $100 per student or family, but for the 100% Panther Pride Campaign, we are focused instead on 100% participation.

We value all contributions, whether they are $5 or $500, and will use them to enrich your child’s excelling education at OGMS.

How to donate:

  • Cash or check (payable to “Orange Grove Middle School FFO”) placed in orange envelopes available in the office, or any envelope clearly marked “Panther Pride Donation”.
  • Via a Square credit card reader available at Registration for Donations.
  • Directly on this site, via the Donate button below to make a Panther Pride Donation.

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On behalf of the FFO, the staff and the students, I want to thank you for any amount you can contribute. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Linda S. Gee


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