The Purpose of the FFO

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The objective of the Orange Grove Middle School Family Faculty Organization–a 501(c)(3) organization– is to generate funds for materials, programs and events that will enrich the learning environment of our students.  Our network of dedicated parent volunteers works with school administrators, faculty and students to provide quality experiences and activities; promote the welfare of children attending Orange Grove; inform all stakeholders of issues affecting the Orange Grove community; and solidify the relationship between home and school in an effort to provide a quality middle school education for our students.  You can download a copy of our ratified by-laws here: OGMS Bylaws 2013 (signed)

The OGMS Family Faculty Organization (FFO) welcomes you and invites you to get to know your school through our FFO.  Attend our monthly meetings.  Join a committee.  Help out with a fundraiser.  There are many ways for you to connect with your school.

Go to the calendar to find the date of our next FFO and follow us on FaceBook for the latest news and events.

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